It was the time when technology had not advanced much, and software was far from existence that Aristotle said – “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. And, this holds very true for the process of software development. The success and ability to achieve goals is based on the quality of its products and services. Having a career in the IT sector is a dream for many people. With QA Training in New Jersey, you can kick start your career as a quality assurance professional and achieve new milestones. 


It is a known fact that Software Quality Assurance is a subset of the umbrella procedure of Software Quality Management that also includes software quality control and software testing processes. To improve software maintenance and development procedures, QA guarantees compliance with regulatory standards, alignment with the business objectives, and agreement with certain specifications. It is an inevitable part of the software development process.


Even though software quality assurance and software testing often used interchangeably, they are very different in terms of their responsibilities, scope, and role. While software quality assurance is performed through the software development lifecycle, starting from the planning stage till the time it is delivered to the client, software testing is done as a sequential step in the process of code development. 


Quality Assurance in a constant procedure of identifying errors, flaws, and weaknesses in a developed software or application and implementing relevant mitigation measures. Quality assurance professional not only offers a fresh perspective but also independent eyes to detect unidentified defects, errors, and bugs. It is one of the best ways to make sure that any potential failures are detected and controlled proactively that otherwise could have caused big damage to the organization’s image. 


Undoubtedly, having a career as a Quality Assurance Professional can help you grow in your life. Such professionals impart great benefits and immense value to the software development lifecycle. Let us find out further why software quality assurance is of great importance to the software development process. 


The Pulse of Agile Development Methods 

The best way to define quality is doing it right when no one is looking at it. in an agile scenario, the timeline to develop a software or app is short, and so its deadline. This is when sprint managers ignore the value of QA, therefore, gambling the quality of the software being developed. By integrating the practices of quality assurance right at the beginning, this stake can be safely and easily converted into a well planned and implemented project that successfully delivers promised standards and high value to the clients and end customers. 

Given the iterative, fast agile procedure, quality assurance cannot be a second thought. Once the code is developed, there is no time left to perform quality assurance. It has to be done right from the first stage of the software development to avoid rework at later stages, therefore, preventing costly expenses at the later stage.


Enhanced User Satisfaction, Better User Experience

What is the best kind of advertising? Well, to be precise, quality. If the customers like the quality of your product, they will come back for it. And, that’s what you want as a businessperson. Technology is ever-evolving and so are the advancements, customers are short on patience. Brand loyalty is slowly becoming a myth. Users do not even think twice before switching it to the product of the competitors if they are giving a better experience.

When quality is guaranteed, seamlessness in terms of experience is a must. Rather than depending on customers for pointing out the errors in the application, companies can be instead proactive in terms of flaw detection. The level of customer satisfaction is directly related to how technical-free their experience with a particular product is.


The process of assurance helps in building a software application that is stable, usable, reliable, robust, valuable, secure, and accessible. It specifically takes care of all issues related to UX yielding improved and enhanced customer experience. High customer satisfaction means higher revenues and returns on investment and better exposure to brand reputation. Therefore, quality software creates a win-win situation for both organizations as well as customers.


Given the fact that quality assurance is an indispensable part of the Software Development Lifecycle, having a career in this field can give your career a much-needed boost. Even the presence of a slight error can lead to havoc in the overall functioning of a software application. No IT company can release a software product without checking it thoroughly for the presence of errors, flaws, and defects. Doing so can cause heavy losses to both the company and the client. Right from the first stage of software development, the process of quality assurance thus is performed to make sure there are no errors and flaws.


When it comes to making a career in the field of software development, there are several opportunities to choose from. An additional certificate boosts your prospects of finding a job as a QA professional. With the increasing competition, aspiring candidates need to learn about the basic concepts and fundamentals of Software Quality Assurance so that they can find a job easily. Promising career is what we all look for, and additional certification as a quality assurance professional can help you start your journey in this promising field.


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