IT is one of the most promising and evolving sectors offering plenty of endless opportunities to skilled and trained professionals. Having the right set of skills can make a world of difference to your career growth. For many working professionals, finding a job in an IT company can be difficult and challenging. With QA Training in Chicago, you can learn the skills to check the quality of the software app being developed. Quality Assurance professionals are in high demand and enrolling for a course that job-prepares you for the same can help you climb the ladder to success.

Reading further you will get to know about quality assurance and how a certification can be a key to find a job in this sector.

What is Quality?

Defining quality is hard and difficult. The best definition of quality is – “Fit for purpose or use”. It is all about fulfilling the expectations and requirements of customers and end-users for durability, functionality, price, design, and reliability of the product. It means a product being developed meets a certain set of specifications and requirements.

What Is Assurance?

Assurance is an equally crucial part of the software development lifecycle process. It is nothing but a positive declaration of a service or product that gives confidence to the customers. It is the certainty of a service or product that it would work well. It is performed as it provides a guarantee that the product would function without any issues or errors according to the requirements or expectations.

Quality Assurance in Software Development Lifecycle Process

Quality Assurance In Software Testing can be described as a process to make sure the overall quality of software apps and services provide to the end-users meet the expectations. The process of quality assurance focuses on enhancing the process of software development making it highly efficient and effective according to the quality standards set for software apps and products and services. Quality Assurance is also known as QA Testing. It is an inevitable part of the software development process, and no product can be released without being checked for the presence of code errors, bugs, and technical glitches.

How to perform quality assurance – A glance at the complete process

The quality assurance method has a well-defined cycle known as the Deming cycle or PDCA cycle. There are different phases in this cycle:

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • Act

What is Quality Assurance Process?

The above-mentioned steps are of great importance In the Software Development process. They are repeated to make sure the procedures followed in the company are constantly assessed and improved from time to time. Here is a quick look at the above quality assurance process steps.


  • Plan – The company should plan and establish the procedure-related objectives and determine the procedures that are needed for delivering a high-quality product. It is important to pay attention to the process of planning.
  • Do – Development and Testing of Processes are of utmost importance so that the final product works smoothly. Also, “do” modifications in the processes.
  • Check – Modify the processes, monitoring the processes, and evaluate whether it fulfills the predetermined set of objectives and goals. Check for all types of issues, bugs, and errors to ensure the final product meets a certain set of standards and specifications. 
  • Act – A quality assurance tester should learn the skills that allow him to choose the right course of action necessary for achieving the improvements in the processes. 

An IT or Software development company should use the quality assurance process for ensuring the end product is designed and implemented with the right processes. This helps in reducing errors and problems in the final software app or product. And, the best way to learn about quality assurance is by enrolling in the Qa Training Program.

Quality Control – What is it?

Popularly known as QC, quality control is a software engineering procedure performed for ensuring quality in a particular service or product. It is not related to the processes used for creating a product instead it examines the overall quality of the “end products” and the final output.

The main objective of quality control is to evaluate whether the software product fulfills the requirements and specifications of the end-user and customer. If a problem or error is identified, it has to be fixed before releasing the end-product to the customer.

Quality control also imparts training and certifications and evaluates professionals on the quality level skill sets. This valuation is needed for the service-based companies and helps in providing the “perfect” solution or service to the end-users.

Listed below are some practices for QA


  • Simulate customer accounts like a production environment
  • Create a robust testing environment
  • Form dedicated performance and security testing team
  • Allocate time properly for each procedure
  • Apply automated testing to all the high-risk areas for saving money. It helps to fasten up the entire procedure
  • It is imperative to prioritize bugs fixed based on the usage of the software
  • Choose release criteria cautiously

The world of quality assurance is evolving. Only those who keep pace with the latest technology and software apps can carve out a niche in this field. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of job opportunities for those who are trained and skilled. Learning is the key to boost your prospects of finding a job as a Quality Assurance Professional in the IT sector. Instead of rushing things, you should be careful when choosing a course that job-prepares you for the same.

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