Quality assurance is an inevitable part of the custom app development process. No software app development process can be counted complete without being checked for quality. Clients want their software products to be developed with perfection. It should be well-coded and liked by the target audience. It is the responsibility of the software development team to make sure that the product is error and bug-free. The demand for software apps has increased in recent times and with it, there has been a rapid rise in the demand for quality assurance professionals. QA Training Classes in USA are the best way to get started with this profession.

Here we will explore what quality assurance in app development means.

What do you understand by software quality? To understand the diverse concept of quality assurance, it is important to refer to TQM, Total Quality Management. It is the overall approach to quality management. It is divided into quality control and quality assurance. In the context of the process, QC and QA are equated with each other, though it is not the right concept.

Software Quality Assurance refers to the process that makes sure the app being developed meets certain quality standards and requirements. It focuses on the processes used for producing a quality product. It is a crucial part of quality management that is primarily responsible for checking the quality of the product. This is achieved by following a set of actions that are taken during the QA process and previously set criteria.

We will further explore the quality testing that includes the testing methods performed during the testing process. Software testing is considered a critical phase in the software development lifecycle procedure. Testing includes several phases:

  • Test planning
  • Test analysis
  • Preparation of test environment, test cases, and test data
  • Completion of testing by approving varied test conditions.
  • Testing and error logging

As mentioned above, testing comprises several methods. Their selection of methods depends on the stage involved in the software lifecycle process along with the area of application. The primary three software testing methods can be categorized into three groups – security, functional, and performance testing.

A software app should correspond with a wide variety of requirements to be counted among a high-grade product. Listed below are some vital quality factors:


  • Security – The ability to protect personal data through authentication and authorization methods.
  • Performance – The ability to perform transactions under a pre-defined workload with an adequate response time.
  • Usability – a clear and simple interface.
  • Extensibility – it is about adding functions to the existing system without causing any damage to it.

Quality control and quality assurance are the two primary practices that ensure the overall quality of a product. Their functions are different however are closely related and be inseparable in each project. With quality assurance, you will be able to make sure the correct process is used. It is one of the main reasons why most software development companies practice both QA and QC to achieve the desired goal.

What happens if QA is neglected?

It is the lack of understanding of the intricacy of this process that makes many clients limit or gives up the testing during the process of software development. This is a very important process that saves money and time. However, the time limitations of neglecting and testing it have an impact on the final software product. There have been several instances in history that insist on the significance of this process.

Checking the quality of a product is of utmost importance irrespective of the type of software app. Even a small error can directly impact the business and customer reviews. The complexity and ambiguity of the systems make it impossible to make sure that the software is free from errors. Performing a set of tests boosts confidence in the product.

Testing efforts should begin as early as possible because the cost of repairing the defect depends on the phase in the software development lifecycle. The sooner Quality Assurance Professionals find a bug and error, the cheaper and easier it will be to fix it.

Benefits of the quality assurance process

With the quality assurance process comes several benefits of which a few are listed below.

Saves Money

Time is money. In the world of software development, even a slight delay or error can tarnish the image of a company. It’s a competitive world. Retaining customers is the key to survival. When quality assurance is performed right from the first stage of software development, identifying and removing errors becomes a lot easier. However, if software testing is not done timely and delayed, it can lead to errors that will take a lot of money and time to fix it. Consequently, the product release will be delayed causing, and you might have to spend money to fix it.

Saves time.

Differences in the time to fix problems or errors depend entirely on the software development lifecycle. It can take up to nearly 150 times longer for fixing an error that occurred in the software development production than to repair the same issue at the requirements designs stage.

QA increases the confidence in the product

If the quality of the software app being developed is at par, it will boost the confidence in it. Only rigorous software testing makes sure that the software app complies with the requirements. The building software app is creating value for users, and it is the high quality that adds to its value.

For software development, it is really important to hire quality assurance professionals who are trained to perform software testing. Checking the quality of an app is the first thing that should be done to fulfill the criteria. QA Training Courses are designed to train and polish the skills of aspiring software quality assurance professionals. QABATraining is one of the leading institutes providing online training to candidates who want to carve out a niche as a quality assurance professional. Give your QA career a boost by enrolling in this short duration course.