To human is to err. Making mistakes and errors is human nature, however, at a time even an oversight or small mistake can prove costly to a company. Like all other aspects of life, this stands true for the process of software development as well. There can be flaws in the design of the software app or product and code because of human error however when these mistakes go unnoticed, they compromise the quality of the software app and lead to expensive and undesirable consequences. This is what makes the quality of software so crucial. Making a career as a software quality assurance professional lets you enhance your growth. Look for an institute providing QA Training in Houston, Texas, and take the steps in the right direction. You will learn the skills needed to perform software quality assurance, and that will ultimately boost your career prospects.


Software quality is all about the ability of a software product or app to perform its expected functions in a fault-free and safe way. Just like you assess the quality of fruits or anything else before buying them by checking their shape, size, and freshness, the quality of a software app is assessed through the process of quality assurance. this, in turn, highlights the significance of quality assurance in the software development process however this is one of the several reasons why quality assurance matters for software development companies, users, and product owners.


What is QA?

When it comes to quality assurance, it is an umbrella term covering all aspects of assuring a high-quality software app or product. It also includes creating a process for each stage of development for reducing bugs and flaws during the build and measuring the quality of the software product.


The QA department in an IT company is responsible for reducing the probability of code errors, bugs, and technical glitches that occur during development through carefully designed out process and identifying errors and flaws without any delay. Fixing errors and flaws during the building process saves time, money, and effort. It is important for creating high-quality products that are free from bugs and errors.


What is the role of quality assurance in software development?

A QA team that works on a particular piece of software will work effectively for analyzing requirements, defining the parameters that determine whether or not the app or product meets their specifications, and create a set of testing scripts and cases. Then, these are used for ensuring that the client is getting what exactly they want.


The software quality assurance team takes care of the execution of these scripts and test cases and would conduct manual testing to make sure they are working smoothly, without any errors and bugs. They are also responsible for testing the final product before it is released for the end-users or handed over to the client.


The Significance of QA in the Process of Software Development


Ensures Security

While a software product may perform all functions as intended, it might not necessarily be completely secure to use. If there are any flaws in its defenses, the users’ and product data can be compromised. One of the main reasons why quality assurance is so important in the process of software development is to make sure that a product is built with security parameters in mind and has been tested to ensure that safeguards measures in place are working.


Saves Money, Efforts, and Time

The advantage of having processes and systems in place during the process of software development is that they anticipate and prevent errors and bugs from developing. Consequently, the technical glitches, errors, and flaws that surface are minor and can be fixed without any difficulty.


Contrary to it, minus quality assurance, most bugs and flaws would become bigger and might only be detected in the testing phase or after the product was released. Fixing these bugs would take a lot of time and money at the later stage.


Protects Reputation

The quality of software products speaks volumes about your brand and company. By releasing a superior quality software product that offers excellent features with complete security, you build a positive reputation for your IT company. This is exactly where the significance of QA in the software development process is evident. It makes sure that your software app or product serves as a brand ambassador for your IT business.


Maintains the Quality of Product

The processes of quality assurance are designed to make sure that the software app or programs are stable and work effectively. Additionally, there are several QC, Quality Control, tests designs for testing the usability, functionality, security, performance, among many others.


There is more to it. These tests also take into consideration that the user may not make use of the program as it was intended. An important part of this testing is – “idiot-proof”- the product or app so that improper use does not cause failure. Consequently, the final product has minimal issues and is assured to was as it was designed and aimed for.


Customer Satisfaction

Having satisfied and happy customers are the key to grow your business. And, this can happen only if the product designed by your company fulfills their requirements. It should include all the features and work without any glitch. The role of Quality Assurance Professionals is to ensure that the designed software gives your customers what exactly they want.


It is the QA team that defines the features of the deliverables and works through each and every step of the software development process to make sure they are delivered. Then, they check if the software works without any issues and smoothly. Consequently, end-users get a quality product that they feel happy and satisfied to use.


To Sum Up 

Quality assurance is an indispensable part of the software development process as it makes sure the product is designed and built efficiently and accomplished with minimal bugs and flaws. Without it, the process of software development can be unreliable. With the right Quality Assurance Training In Houston, you can learn the concepts and skills needed to emerge as a successful QA professional. QABATraining is one of the renowned institutes providing short-duration QA courses to aspiring candidates. Enrolling in the course with us lets you explore a different world and opportunities that will boost your career graph.