Aristotle once said – “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. This was the time when the software did not exist, and quality had not advanced much. However, irrespective of time, it is true for all aspects of life. And Quality Assurance Testing For Software is not different. The success and growth of any organization depend on the quality of its services or products. And, with software apps present everywhere, it has become crucial for IT companies to provide users and clients with the best experience. This has triggered the demand for software quality assurance professionals who can work rigorously to meet the desired criteria of a particular product. Quality Assurance Testing Training Dallas prepares you for the demanding job by inculcating skills and knowledge required to remove bugs and errors of all types.


Quality assurance testing is a subset of the umbrella process of Software Quality Management. It also includes software quality control processes and software testing. With the goal of maintaining processes and improving software development, QA testing assures alignment with the business objectives, compliance with regulatory standards, and agreement with the needed specifications.


Even though software quality assurance and software testing are often used interchangeably, they are completely different when it comes to their responsibilities, scope, and role. While Software Quality Assurance spans the whole SDLC, software development lifecycle, starting from the planning phase till the delivery or release of the product, software testing is done as a sequential step to code development.


QA is an ongoing process of identifying errors and weaknesses in a developed application or software and implementing relevant mitigation measures. Quality assurance provides a fresh perspective and set of independent eyes for discovering undetected defects and bugs. It is one of the best ways to make sure any potential failures are controlled and identified proactively, which otherwise might bring a bad name to the organization and create a hole in the pocket.


There is no doubt that quality assurance testing imparts immense benefits and value to the software development lifecycle. Thus, having a certification in quality assurance can boost your career prospects. With an increasing number of companies hiring QA testing professionals, you can be assured of finding a promising job as a QA software tester.

Reading further you will get to know why software quality assurance is important.


The Pulse of Agile Development Methodologies 

Quality is all about doing it right even when no one is looking. In an agile work approach, the scope of the sprint is short so is the deadline for completing it. in such demanding situations, sprint managers often ignore the value of QA, therefore, taking a huge gamble on the quality of software. By integrating practices of quality assurance right at the beginning, this can be converted into a well-executed and planned project that delivers high value to the clients and customers.


Given the iterative, swift agile processes, quality assurance can never be an afterthought. There is no time to perform QA after developing code. It has to be done right from the start to avoid unnecessary rework at later stages, hence, preventing delays and costs involved in the development.


Better User Satisfaction, Enhanced User Experience

All users want is a smooth experience. With digitalization, the world is undergoing swift rapid technological advancements. As consumers have more options, they do not want a botchy experience. Non-intuitive software is wearing things whereas brand loyalty has become nothing but a myth. Users do not think twice about jumping to the product of a competitor if they get a better experience.


When the quality of a product is guaranteed, seamlessness inexperience is a given. Rather than relying on customers for identifying errors and issues in the application, organizations can have a proactive approach to detecting defects. The level of user satisfaction is proportional to how glitch-free experience they have with an application.


Quality assurance testing helps build a software product that is valuable, usable, reliable, accessible, secure, stable, and robust. It includes all UX-related problems to provide a better customer experience. Higher and better customer satisfaction transforms into an increased brand reputation and higher ROI. Therefore, a quality software product creates a win-win situation for the organization as well as users.


Better and Improved Efficiency with Lower Failure Risks and Costs

The quality of a product is the responsibility of everyone involved in the software development process. By embedding QA testing into the development cycle, software development companies can eliminate the perils related to the failure of software.


Having an effective software Quality Assurance Testing strategy in place ascertains that the developers keep a track of the customer specifications while taking some creative liberties here and there. If the development deviates a lot from the actual development plant, it might lead to non-alignment between the project specifications and requirements and the end product resulting in violation and reworking of the determined timeline. QA not only keeps a watch on the SDLC but also establishes conformance to the regulatory standards like ISO 9000 and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).


By ensuring compliance and keeping the software development project on track, QA practices derive higher efficiency and save costs and time.


To Sum Up

Success comes to only those who maintain quality standards. Quality can be neither taken for granted nor ignored in the modern IT landscape. Organizations need to invest apt capital and time into building a QA culture to abolish any possibility of software product failure. Preventative measures should be taken for decreasing the number of needed corrective measures. Quality assurance testing of software apps and products prevents expensive delays and re-work.


Hiring skilled and trained QA testers is one of the best ways to ensure the quality of the end product. Only those who have an additional certification can carve out a niche in this emerging field. Quality Assurance Testing Training Dallas provided by QABATraining can help you earn knowledge and skills to excel in this field. So, gear up for a promising career by enrolling in a short duration course with us.