The world is changing. With it has changed the way industries work. In the present times of digitalization, people look for apps and software products to complete most of their tasks. From booking tickets, paying fees, and learning anything to banking and consulting doctors, among, others, everything is online. Thus ensuring the quality of the software apps and products is a must for IT companies. To ensure the same, such companies hire quality assurance professionals. QAs are a must in any IT or software development company. QA Training Classes in the USA are designed to help you walk the path to success. These short duration classes job-prepare you by polishing your skills and knowledge.

No software product or app can be released to the market without being thoroughly checked for the presence of errors, flaws and technical glitches. Even a small error can lead to major issues at a later stage. Identifying and removing them during the initial stage is the best way to ensure the quality of the product.

Software Quality Assurance is one of the best ways to assure the software product meets the desired quality. It is a defined set of activities that ensures standards, procedures, and processes are apt for the project and implemented correctly.

The software QA process works parallel to the software development process. Performing quality assurance right from the initial stage does not ensure the quality of the product but also fulfils the criteria to develop it. It focuses on improving the software development process to prevent flaws, bugs, and technical glitches before a major problem. It can be described as a kind of umbrella activity that is applied throughout software development.

 SQA has the following:


  • Effective software engineering technology
  • A quality management approach
  • Reporting and measurement mechanism
  • Multi-testing strategy
  • Formal technical reviews

What are the major software quality assurance activities?

Here is a glance at some of the major SQA activities.

Measure Change Impact

The modifications for making the rectifications sometimes add more errors and flaws. Thus, always measure the impact of change on the software development project. Reset the new modification to check the fix's compatibility with the entire project.

Multi Testing Strategy

As a software quality assurance professional, never depend on a single testing approach, especially when there are a lot of testing approaches available to use.

Set The Check Points

Setting checkpoints are essential for an SQA team. Make sure the project's performance is evaluated based on the gathered data on different checkpoints.

Manage Good Relations

Managing good relations with other team members related to project development in a given working environment is necessary. If relations of the SQA team are not good with the programming team, then the impact will be direct. Avoid playing politics.

SQA Management Plan

Devise a plan for how software quality assurance activities will be carried out throughout the project. Think about the software engineering activities that are best for the project. Find out the level of Software QA team skills.

What are the Benefits of SQA?

  • Improves the overall quality of software app or product.
  • High-quality products and apps save cost and time.
  • Improves the process of developing and creating software.
  • Software quality assurance produces high-quality software products. 
  • It is beneficial in the condition of no maintenance for a long duration.
  • It brings more reliability to the product.
  • A high-quality commercial software app or product increases an organization's market share.

Why is Quality Assurance Important?

Every product is designed and developed to meet certain set standards and specifications. For the product and end-users, it is important to ensure a credible software Quality Assurance Process. Quality software app means delivering an excellent product to the client.

SQA is a reliable means of developing high-quality software applications. No software company can take a chance or justify why the quality of software apps should not be high.

There are several other reasons to improve the quality of the software product. 

First, developing a high-quality software product will save you money and time. As a business, delivering a product worth buying and using is one of your main objectives. If you are developing a software app, the quality assurance process is one of the sure-shot ways to ensure the quality of the product.

Suppose a company releases a poor-quality product or one that does not fulfil the standards and specifications. In that case, it will lose the market audience and money, and its credibility will be affected. It will tarnish the image of the company in the market. 

Similarly, delivering a high-quality and fully functional product means less maintenance over time as the software app would be resilient. Thus, you do not have to worry about spending a lot of money and time on its upkeep. Altogether, software quality assurance plays a key role in preserving your reputation and scaling your business.

What is an SQA plan, and Why It is Important?

An SQAP, also known as a software quality assurance plan, documents the tools, procedures and techniques your businesses use to enforce QA. SQA plans have variable formats; however, you can find the constituents mentioned below in almost every case.

  • Introduction

a)      Purpose 

b)      Scope

  • Reference documents
  • Management

a)      Organization

b)      Task

c)      Responsibilities

  • Documentation
  • Standards, Metrics, Conventions, and Practices
  • Audits and Reviews

The software quality assurance plan is a vital step in the process. Documentation prevents renegotiating or reworking any of the roles or processes defined in the SQA plan. Designing and developing a software quality assurance plan is as important ad developing a software app. It empowers your business and team to deliver a high-quality product in the market. 

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