Have you heard of quality assurance in software development? If yes, then you might be well aware of how important the entire process of the SDLC is. Quality assurance testing might be the most important part of the SDLC process. QA teams work rigorously to ensure that the software app meets the desired quality standards and specifications before being released. By meeting client and customer expectations, QA professionals maintain the business reputation and stay ahead of the competition. With Quality Assurance Testing Training In Dallasyou can be assured of learning skills that let you walk the road to success. Here, you will learn about the different roles of the quality assurance team.

Let's start with the benefits of a quality assurance team.

What are the advantages of a quality assurance team?

It is understandable that an aspiring QA professional might wonder about the benefits of a Quality Assurance team in the software development process. To begin with, such a team is an inevitable part of the Agile workforce. It helps create processes to avoid future problems with the software products and apps that a company delivers. These professionals work together, and using their expertise and experience; they give your products a competitive edge in the highly competitive market. Here are a few ways a QA team can help in the software development process.

Customer Experience 

In the present era of high competition, the customer is the king. Having satisfied customers mean better business, and building a brand becomes easy. The Software Quality Assurance Testing team ensures the end-users get an exceptional experience while using the product. This includes eliminating technical glitches, software bugs and other problems and creating a user-friendly interface.

Saves Time

Time is of the essence in the software development process. As QA process improvements become standardized, you will discover the workflow, and the team can help Deliver high-quality products more confidently and quickly.

It can help drive the software app or product for a long time.

As customers discover your product and find it reliable and easy to use, they can rely on it. In other words, they will not only use it for a long time but might also recommend it to others.  

Saves Money

Your company can produce high-quality products and save money. Wondering how? Delivering products without checking them for errors and glitches means more maintenance. You have to fix the issues at a later stage. In other words, deployment of more resources throughout the product lifecycle. Developing and releasing quality products means you can save the money required for fixing issues later.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers who buy a software app or product have certain expectations from the product. The business processes and quality management systems play a vital role in ensuring the desired product meet set standards and specifications. The well-designed QA plan ensures that the product provides customer satisfaction and meets those standards.

Quality Product Means Building Company's Reputation

Winning customers' trust is one of the best ways to carve out a niche in the market. A company that delivers quality software products can be assured of customers seeking their services and products. These positive results will build a stronger and good reputation for the company giving the entire range of products a boost in the market.

Avoid Expensive Errors and Mistakes

Mistakes that skip the software Quality Assurance team can cost a company dearly. If a particular software harms a customer, for example, a healthcare software product that does not track a patient's information might lead to punitive action. Stakeholders do not want a product that can cause long-term problems. 

Which projects in an IT company should have a QA Team?

The scope for QA professionals is immense as no company can deliver a software product without checking it thoroughly for the presence of technical glitches, errors and bugs. Whenever a QA team wants to deliver an app or product that should exceed or meet the expectations of end-users, they should be present to analyze the processes and help define and establish strategies for maintaining error-free steps. It includes:

Creating a new user experience in the existing software product

The QA professionals would test new material, review the user experience that a particular brand wants to create, and devise a quality assurance checklist to ensure smooth functioning and rollout.

Launch/Release of New Software

The quality assurance team reviews customer expectations, objectives with the software release, and what the software product should achieve to create review procedures and testing steps.

Launching Software Upgrades

Their responsibility is to reference the problems, and issues end users have experienced and how the software development team wants to improve the software apps and products to manage and maintain QA throughout the SDLC process.

What is Required in a Quality Assurance Team?


It means thoroughly checking a software product for flaws and errors within the deadline. Deadlines are of great importance in an IT or software development company. Having a QA team right from the initial development stage means timely completion of the project. Putting together an experienced and skilled team takes time, but the results are worth it. You will discover multiple benefits of hiring a software quality assurance team for the product lifecycle. 


The software quality assurance team must work closely with the software development team. They should comprise professionals who have the skills to collaborate and work with other team members. Whether it is some doubt, a question, or errors, they have to go back to the software developers to understand the requirements and fix the errors.

Some software development teams come with their own built-in QA team in some cases.

That can be important because communication plays a vital role in the software quality assurance process and keeps the software developing team from 'throwing it over the fence' to the quality assurance team to fix and resolve it. However, it is important to know that QA professionals that do not count on the software development team can give a raw and clear opinion of the app or product and its workflow. However, they have to work with developers to incorporate changes and feedback.


A software quality assurance team can greatly affect the SDLC process. IT companies work hard to bring together a pool of skilled and expert QA professionals that can ensure the quality of the product. Quality Assurance Testing Training Dallas provided at QABATraining polishes your skills and inculcate teamwork habit. We strive to bring a platform to aspiring candidates that let you understand the QA process effectively. You can enrol for online classes and start your journey towards a career of which the sky is the limit.